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We found PureAuto while doing a Google search and were comfortable with the reviews we were reading. I went in today (Aug 2) and asked for a specific tint. The owner (Mark) was super friendly and said he would be able to do it on the spot, which I thought was pretty great as I thought you may need to make an appointment. Luckily there was an MDX in the same colour just outside of his shop. One of his employees (also super friendly) took me out to see it and she explained what percentage the tint was and what was considered the legal limit. I was prepared to be there for an hour, but it was done in 20 mins! The job was done well and couldn’t see any bubbles or any deficiencies in the work. The price was pretty reasonable, the service was great, and they have their mascot that will come and greet you too (cute little yorkie!)!

Gina Rovira, Google Review
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